We are a home care company that was created in response to the daily problems of the elderly or other dependent people.

We put families with dependency problems in contact with carers with extensive experience, providing a live-in care service and thus ensuring a better quality of life compared to care home options.

"We create and foster relationships between families, dependents and carers"

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead a change in the way we think about the care of the elderly to stress the responsibility of the younger generations to provide care for their loved ones.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhace the later years of life by integrating the elderly fully into society so that they share in the cultural benefits of mixed generations

Cuidum is the project of 3 entrepreneurs convinced that there is no better way of aging than to stay in your own home. Jorge, Pablo and Juanjo, had a very decisive point in common: they had lived through the experience of finding carers for close dependent relatives.

They decided that Cuidum was the project to which they were going to dedicate all their energy. There they sowed the first seed, with the faithful conviction of providing dependent people with all the resources needed so that they could age with a good quality of life.

Day to day we contribute all our efforts to helping the families with care needs, adding a real value to the profession of the carer, and finally and most importantly lengthening the stay of the elderly in the security of their own homes.

We value the elderly, we are aware of their importance in our society and we fight alongside them so that their voice gets the attention they deserve.

“There is no place better than home”