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Older people have special needs in their day-to-day lives, but thanks to options such as home care, it is possible to guarantee their care and well-being without having to leave their homes to receive the best care they require. But, do you know what is a care plan, and the importance of choosing the best option in terms of home care services for your older relative?

The importance of choosing the best home help services company

Geriatric care at home has characteristic caring qualities and features that determine the quality of the service provided and, consequently, the level of comfort and satisfaction of the person in care. As relatives of the elderly person, we have the responsibility to find a home care service capable of providing an effective response to all the particular needs of the elderly. This is our care plan definition.

However, those who choose this option for their elderly relatives must bear in mind that the success of home care for dependent people implies the choice of suitable professionals. For this, it is important that you are clear about what the home care service consists of, what home care services include, and what requirements a home care company must meet.

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What Should a Care Plan Include?

Quality home care must meet the needs and expectations of the parent care, elderly and/or dependents, their family, and society. It must comprehensively address the patient and the family because although the care center is for the elderly and dependents, we cannot forget that in-home care, the family is the main axis of care for the elderly.

At CUIDUM, we work hand in hand with family members and caregivers, improving the quality of our services in the different stages of searching and hiring the caregiver always on behalf of the family, as well as in the quality of subsequent care:

Caregiver search

When dependency breaks out in a family, it is very common for them not to know where to turn or what to do. Asking acquaintances and other families who already have caregivers is the most common. In all these cases, the choice is usually "blind." At Cuidum, you can communicate your intention to search for a caregiver including male carers by accessing our website, tell us about the needs of the elderly, and we will advise you on the best home care option.

Security and trust

We are aware that the difficulty in accessing trusted caregivers means that families cannot guarantee safety in their own homes when caring for elderly parents in their home. The caregivers they access do not have any recommendations, and their references are difficult to verify. At Cuidum, we carry out a meticulous selection task in which we check the veracity of the caregivers' qualifications and professional experience and establish contact with their former employers.

Caregiver knowledge

One of the great problems of this profession is an intrusion and unprofessional care. Something that endangers the quality of home care and health care for the elderly. At Cuidum, we reject caregiver profile CVs that do not include demonstrable experience in geriatric care.

Quality of healthcare

Dependent people require the best care we can afford. We know that the care burden is very high, which is precisely why we advocate quality home care because personalized treatment and dedication time make a great difference compared to the treatment received in institutionalized care.

Quick replacement of the caregiver

This is one of the points that most increase the perception of quality by the family. The Cuidum substitution service makes a big difference. It offers peace of mind to families who feel lost in the face of any unexpected event that leaves them without access to a caregiver due to possible leave, vacation, accident, illness, or other cause where they left the employment relationship. At Cuidum, we take care of finding the replacement caregiver quickly and efficiently giving solution to those who are wondering how to live in isolation.

Communication with the family

At Cuidum, we do mediation work between the family and the caregiver to solve problems and find solutions that, ultimately, improve the experience and quality of communications between all the people involved in the home care of the dependent person.

Mutual trust:

 Key to success in-home care services

We do not stay in words. Home care for the elderly is a very demanding activity that is demonstrated at work and in daily dedication.

At Cuidum, we are much more than a home care company; we are the safe and trustworthy alternative that both the elderly and their families need to guarantee a good quality of life. A service that goes beyond quality, professionalism, and training standards is also in a position to ensure the efficiency of the assistance provided from a human and emotional point of view.

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