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“90% of elder people prefer to live in their own home”


Deciding which is the best care option for your loved one is a difficult task. We are all extremely busy with work, own families and have very limited time to look into this matters, and that is where Cuidum might help.


Cuidum aims to help those who wish to remain at their own home by offering the possibility to fulfil their needs without having to move out, nor being separated from their loved ones.

Elderly people are negatively affected by their uprooting from their environment. They usually feel disoriented, lost and abandoned.

At Cuidum, we strongly believe in providing them the opportunity to grow older within a familiar environment for the rest of their lives.


Staying at your home have many advantages:

Closer and stronger relationships

Greater level of independency at home

Maintain and improve their autonomy

One-to-one personal care at home

Integration in a healthy social environment

Companionship wellbeing and safety

“Imagine growing old at home and with a carer assisting you as your companion”


Residential care has been the traditional default option when there were no other choices are available. The good news are that live-in care alternatives are now possible; enabling professionals to focus on the wellness and happiness of the families themselves.

Cuidum is far from a traditional agency. We offer the most desired option for the elderly. Our mission is to provideclear and flexible solutions based on and around individual's needs by finding a perfect match for your loved one. Thus, at Cuidum we are able to offer the most appropriate caregivers. This successful model, built for and around people, has proven-record Spain, where Cuidum is the market leader.

We carefully analyse the care requirementsof the elderly individual.

We implement a flexible selection process in accordance with specific needs.

Due to our own technology, we offer a seamless match between the caregiver and elderly.



Accessible Pricing Packages

We are aware of how expensive home care may be. Cuidum offers an affordable home care solution and reasonable prices when compared to any fully managed agencies or other introductory agencies.

Simply stated, you will only pay for the services that you need!

Optimizing your time

If you need advice from a trustworthy company with an in-depth knowledge of the domiciliary care market, please contact us. We will optimize your time and resources in order to find the most appropriate caregiver on time.

Our agile approach will discover caregivers located throughout the country!

Direct Relationship with Your Caregiver

A closer relationship built on strong communication and support with your caregiver is the best way to supervise and directly manage your love one´s care.

Have the freedom to manage care however you see fit!

Online Management: Comfort in Hiring

We all are extremely busy with our day-to-day responsibilities which may impact on our ability to provide the right level of care needed by our loved ones. Cuidum offers you closeness, accessibility and ease of hiring our services without having to waste your time in a customer service office.

We help you manage it from the comfort of your home or work!

High Quality in the Recruitment Process

All caregivers and companions go through a very exhaustive and demanding recruiting process where we confirm they have their DBS Certificate, IDs/Passport and right to live in the UK, as well as check their references from previous employers, to ensure their meet Cuidum’s standards and their profile fulfil your needs.

More and more families trust our quality selection process!

Interviews Accordance with Your Preferences

As part of our service, we offer you one to one interview with carefully selected carers. You can meet them first either by telephone or videocall before meeting them face-to-face.

We adapt to your availability and preferences!

Satisfied Caregivers are Motivated Caregivers

Working as a self-employed, carers may earn money than via full managed agencies.They may also have more freedom to organize their time. This usually leads to higher satisfaction and motivation rates with most of them usually staying longer at their job.

Cuidum aims to ensure that family, elderly and caregivers are satisfied!

Ongoing Training for the Caregivers

We ensure all caregivers receive ongoing professional training. We offer hands-on skill curses such as SOVA, First AID and Moving & Handling training courses.And also look after them by offering them legal advice through the National Association of Carer & Support Workers (NACAS).

The talent of any caregiver depends upon experience, knowledge and training!

Highest Self-Employed Insurance

All carers are insured with the highest Public Liability insurance cover on the market up to £5 Million from day one of the assignment, provided by Mark Bates Ltd.

We offer all the necessary facilities to work as a caregiver!

Home Care Funding for You

There are many different funding options for care but, unfortunately, the information available is confusing and the process is difficult. We have a partnership with the Society of Later Life Advisors (SOLLA), where we can get you in touch with an accredited adviser who can guide you on this difficult process to access the best possible care for your loved one.

Finding the best type of alternative care does not have to be complicated!


National Association of Care & Support Worker

  • Free Legal Advice and Online Training.

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Support.

  • Professional Services and Support.

  • Discounts and offers.

Personal Care Assistant Insurance Mark Bates

  • Free liability insurance up to £5 million for carers.

  • Coverage for home employers.

  • Insurance endorsed by a market leader.

  • Dedicated claims team.

Society of Later Life Advisers

  • Best funding options for home care.

  • Financial guidance and advice for care.

  • Well-qualified financial advisers.

  • Find an adviser near of you.


Cuidum brings together dependent individuals, their families, and carers to provide an elderly home assistance service that ensures a better quality of life than other institutional options.

Leading a social change to recover dignity in elderly care and recognise the work of carers in society.

Facilitating a dignified life at home and recognising dignity as an inherent right of every human.

Providing sustainable solutions that improve autonomy and increase the independence of the elderly.

Working to improve social health in the field of home care, allowing them to improve their quality of life.

Offering live-in care service that extends to every corner of the country with national and international presence.

Working own technology based on artificial intelligence allows to optimize our recruitmente and matching process.



  • The ease of contacting and managing self-employed caregivers who are capable of providing their services throughout the UK.

  • A familiarity of reference-checking tools, DBS backgrounds, criminal history, and overall caregiver experience.

  • Our specialised caregiver recruitment techniques have been recognised nationally and internationally.


  • Difficulty finding the appropriate caregiver due to a lack of knowledge and experience within the field of care management.

  • A lack of appreciating the steps which need to be considered when vetting the experience and reputation of the carer.

  • Conduct interviews with every candidate by yourself require a significant amount of time.


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