Cuidum not only focuses on offering solutions for the caring for the elderly, but also in fighting the under the table economy to improve the working conditions of caregivers. We're convinced that better conditions for caregivers are key to offering a care service quality care.

At Cuidum we have already assisted more than 60,000 families in a situation of dependency. Each More and more families request information from us and hire our services.

We publish job offers that respect the legal minimums. A work team draws up contracts in accordance with the law and the mediation team will be in charge of monitoring to check that your working conditions are met.

After contacting many caregivers over the years, which most valued mainly is the speed when it comes to finding work, the close and humane treatment of our Cuidum team and the telephone follow-ups that we do periodically to verify that the caregivers are happy with their work.


The minimum requirements that you must meet are:

  • Documentation in order to work in the United Kingdom

  • Experience caring for the elderly in Spain.

  • References provided by former employers.

  • References provided by former employers.

  • Very good attitude and predisposition.

The only way to work through Cuidum is by registering on our website. Too easy! Sign up for our job board by following these simple steps: