Ageing At Home: The Importance and Freedom to Choose Where to Grow Old

Most of the elderly get little choice about where they will spend their sunset days. After a particular age, the family members feel the seniors are not safe on their own and look for places where they can be cared for. This is common where the senior has underlying conditions or members of the family are too busy to check on them now and then.

Unfortunately, when the family members are making these decisions, they do not consult their seniors about their views or preferences. They are bundled into a vehicle and taken to a place where the family feels that they are safe. It leaves the elderly distressed, angry, and with low self-confidence but with a few options other than where the family decides.

While families have good intentions for their elderly, it is important that the elderly have a say in where they would like to spend their sunset days. The family can discuss the options and all of them conclude on one page.

Here is why this is important.

The Elderly with Enjoy their Sunset Days

Elderly people have the right to spend their sunset days in a place where they feel comfortable. Otherwise, there is a risk that their last days will feel miserable. Unlike the young, the elderly may not be good at adapting to new places. Therefore, changing the location may spell the end of their happy days. However, in places where they feel comfortable, they will be full of joy way into their last days on earth.

In those places, familiar people and items surround them. Consequently, they feel at peace and can conduct their affairs with ease without required close monitoring.

It is Their Right

It is the right of any person to spend their life where they wish to. The right has been safeguarded in the constitution and the UN convention on the old people. Old people have the right to autonomy and to be independent in deciding the direction of their lives. This right should not be taken away just because they have gotten old. Family members can advise on the best course of action, but not forcefully take them away.

The Alternative May Not Always Be the Best Idea

Sometimes the alternative is not the best idea for the elderly. For example, the family may consider a home for seniors to be the best choice for their elderly. Unfortunately, the home may not give them the best care or the environment may not be conducive to them. In either case, they may end up feeling lost, depressed, and maybe even die before their time.

Living Options for Aging Parents

It is good to discuss with your seniors the best living options so that they can get the best care and security. Here is a short description of three possible aging options.

Ageing at Home

Most elderly people want to spend their sunset days in homes that they have lived in over the years. If they can still take care of themselves, you can let them be, but keep monitoring them. You can monitor them remotely or visit them often. Alternatively, you can get them a family or hire a caregiver to take care of them at home. This option is best when the seniors do not need any special care or health monitoring.

In-home caregiving is one of the best care options for aging parents who have difficulty taking care of themselves. It is also ideal for parents who do not want to leave their home but are frail or have conditions that require regular monitoring. Professional caregivers can handle the needs of the elderly, giving children and other family members peace of mind if they cannot afford to live near their parents.

Move with the Elderly with You

You can become the family caregiver and bring your seniors over to your home. This is a good option if they are living far away from you and the other options listed below are not workable. You will give them the best care available and monitor their lives.

However, you may have to modify your home to accommodate the elderly. Take steps to ensure that the house is safe; remove or cover slippery surfaces; and include rails and other items that may help them move around and attain a degree of independence.

Living in Independent Living Communities

Independent living communities are designed for adults over 55 years of age where the elderly live with others in standalone homes or apartments. These homes foster interaction among the seniors in a friendly community. There are also amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and playgrounds for the elderly. This option is ideal for seniors that do not need long-term care services and can live safely alone.

Whatever accommodation options for aging parents you consider good, be sure to include the views of the parents and guard their rights in the final decision. It helps them live happily into their sunset days and keeps everyone else at peace. You can always work around their preferences to ensure that they are happy with your decision as family members.

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