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Service description

At Cuidum we are helping a huge number of families to find outstanding carers who provide companionship, comfort and hands-on support to their relatives.

You have the opportunity to make a real difference to people's lives by joining Cuidum. As a Carer, you will be responsible for working independently and unsupervised in the client's home. Therefore, it is important that you love what you do and have an excellent disposition, because you will end up building a strong relationship with the person you look after. 

We are looking for carers who love what they do and go the extra mile to make the care receivers feel good. If that sounds like you, we would love to hear from you!


We are looking for a live-in carer to support a man of 92, on a self-employed basis, in Liverpool.

The man is called Jacob, and he has diagnosed dementia which results in difficulties to communicate and short-term memory. However, although he often gets confused, Jacob is quite sociable and enjoys going out for meals and meeting friends. He is a keen movie watcher and loves listening jazz music at home, as it relaxes him a lot. Jacob loves homemade vegetable meals. He can do most of his daily routines independently, but needs support and supervision, especially when he gets disorientated. If the carer holds a driving license (no essential), the use of a car can be arranged, if required.

Tasks include control supervision with hygiene & personal care, cooking meals (preferably vegetables), cleaning and washing clothes/bed sheets, medication, hygiene, general supervision and companionship (important part of the role).


  • Salary: £655.00 per week

  • Bi-weekly payment

  • Accommodation, food and drink

  • Transport expenses

L5 Merseyside

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